The Pasta That Smashes Mouths Edit

I'm starting to feel like SOMEBODY doesn't know the gimmick of a Creepypasta™.

My friend ONCE TOLD ME that creepypastas™ were poop.

THE confusion that I felt was like the WORLD WAS GONNA ROLL ME.

I started discussing with him, stating that I knew I AIN'T wrong.

THE rage made me turn into the SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED.

SHE WAS always stating that creepypastas™ weren't cool.

I was LOOKIN' at her, KINDA felt DUMB but smart at the same time.

WITH HER FINGER AND HER THUMB, I made her point at herself.

I tried to make it seem like it was IN THE SHAPE OF AN L ON HER FOREHEAD.

-you can continue if so-

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